اسعار تصدير الحديد العالمية لعام 2015

Year Month HRC CRC HDG OCS Tinplate Rebar
 2015 1 505 610 736 838 961 508
 2015 2 492 619 728 771 939 525
 2015[P] 3 514 617 741 840 971 537

Notes to Steel Price Data

1) Prices are in US $ per metric tonne, and describe average monthly world export fobprices.
2) Product definitions are as follows (for further detail, see harmonised system 6-digit codes listed below):

  • HRC, wide strip unpickled hot rolled steel coil <3mm gauge
  • CRC, cold rolled coil or sheet 0.5-1mm thick
  • HDG, hot dip zinc galvanised sheet or coil, width > 600mm
  • OCS, organic coated sheet with HDG substrate
  • Tinplate, sheet under 0.5mm gauge
  • Rebar, hot rolled deformed reinforcing bar (excl rod).

3) Pricing data is compiled by MCI but originates from national customs statistics of larger exporting countries, under the following 6-digit codes within the harmonised tariff schedule: HRC 720839, CRC 720917, HDG 721049, OCS 721070, tinplate 721012, rebar 721420. 
4) Note that the latest price points (the last two months in particular) for each steel product may change, as additional customs data becomes available. Data for the last two months is for this reason part-estimated. Please contact us if the methodology behind these estimates is of interest.
5) Letter [P] denotes projection based on MCI econometric model.
6) Price data for earlier years for all steel products above is available (in the same format as shown above) for a small fee. Similar pricing information is also available for selected countries (e.g. Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea etc). Please contact us for further details.