International Wires & Fasteners Trade Show


§  Equipment for wire manufacturing(descaling and surface preparation for drawing, drawing, calibration, thermal processing, spooling/unreeling, rifling, coating, packaging)

§  Tools and technologies( drawing blocks, winding drums and coils)

§  Equipment for wire manufacturing

§  Equipment for fitting production

§  Wire products(steel wire ropes, springs, meshes, welded electrodes)

§  Fasteners(bolts, screws, nuts, screw nails, washers, anchoring, studs, nails)

§  Auxiliary materials and technologies(lubricants, gluing materials, painting substances)

§  Control and measuring equipment and tools

§  Technologies, materials and equipment for flux cored wire production

§  Second-hand equipment

§  Automated manufacturing control systems

§  Research and engineering work

§  Work clothes and protection means



International Tube & Pipe Trade Show


  • Raw materials for tube production
  • Tube manufacturing:

         - carbon steel welded, seamless and cast tubes and pipes

         - stainless steel tubes

         - non-ferrous tubes & pipes, alloys

         - cast-iron tubes

         - polymeric, metallopolymeric, plastic and composite tubes and pipes

  • Equipment for tube manufacturing:

         - rolling mills

         - extruding presses

         - heating equipment

         - casting machinery

         - welding equipment

         - sawing and cutting equipment

         - coating facilities

  • Tube processing and finishing technology, auxiliary equipment and process technology tools
  • Pipeline valves, tube components, fittings
  • Measuring and control technology, testing
  • Marking
  • Materials handling



International Trade Show for Sheet Metal production and processing  


  • Sheet metal products
  • Equipment for sheet metal working(equipment for laser cutting, stamping presses, sheet bending presses, guillotine for cutting, rounding machines, angular-nibbling presses, zig-machines)
  • Sheet metal working(cutting, felling, laser cutting, bending, pressing, perforation)
  • Polymeric dyeing
  • Galvanic coating(galvanizing, chromium plating, nickel plating, copper coating)
  • Auxiliary technological equipment for sheet metal working
  • Second-hand equipment
  • Process control of sheet metal working technology
  • Safety at work,work clothes and protection means



International Trade Show for surface treatment   


  • Technology, equipment and materials for attaching on hardware surface heightened operation properties: abrasive treatment (shot blasting, sand blasting, forging, cold-work, electrochemical hardening, thermal hardening, galvanic coating (nickelizing, chromizing, zincing), plasma-powdered spraying, polymeric coating, special coating)
  • Industrial paint of metal surfaces(preparing the surfaces for paint, equipment and chambers for paint and varnish products application, technology and material, drying chambers).
  • Improving of the surface geometry (equipment and materials, advanced repair technologies)
  • Surface diagnostics: methods, control and measuring devices.
  • Materials and equipment for insulation and conservation of the hardware, corrosion and another corrosive environment protection(insulating materials, conservation lubricant, gel, emulsion, technical washing, equipment for protective materials coating)
  • Personal protection means. Systems of wastage and air environment purification

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Eng. Ahmed Sobhy